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What is a Loss Adjuster?
When a claim is reported to an insurance company the claim is often assigned to a firm of loss adjusters to handle on their behalf. Loss adjusting firms specialise in handling claims on behalf of insurance companies normally receiving instructions from many different insurance companies.

The loss adjuster will investigate the claim, normally visiting the location of the incident giving rise to the claim and report back to the insurance company. In most cases the loss adjuster will have delegated authority from the insurance company. Delegated authority is an authority given by one party another to carry out a specified function on their behalf and the party giving the authority is bound by the actions of the party to which they have given the authority.

In the case of an insurance claim this normally allows the loss adjuster to settle the claim with the claimant without having to revert back to the insurance company. However they will be bound by the parameters of the authority.

I am insured with Insurance Company X, why are you contacting me?
We are often instructed by insurance companies to carry out investigations on their behalf.

We provide consultancy services to other loss adjusters such as Davies Ireland, the country's largest loss adjusting firm.

Sometimes, we will manage a particular claim to completion; on other occasions, we only carry out an initial investigation and the insurance company takes the matter from there. The decision as to how and when this occurs rests with the insurance company and is subject to many variables.

How do I know my data is safe with you?

We are registered with the Data Protection Commissioner as a data processor and adhere to their Code of Practice for the Insurance Sector.

Is providing you with personal data (e.g. CCTV) a breach of GDPR regulations?
In relation to GDPR, as we are usually investigating a claim under the subrogation clause of a contract of insurance, release of data to us is not considered a release to a third party, so long as the data is required for the investigation of the claim
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